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Wired room regulator

ST-293 v3 binary (black)

The device allows you to precisely program the temperature depending on the time of day and activity. The use of a regulator in the room is a guarantee of thermal comfort and lower heating bills.

What is it for

A wired binary room controller is designed to control a heating device (e.g. a gas, oil, electric furnace or boiler controller) or a cooling device. It works in underfloor heating systems of series 5 and 10, sending information about temperature measurement to the main unit L-5 or L-10. Depending on the settings , the room thermostat allows you to maintain the temperature set by the user in the room.


The room controller is a practical device that allows full control of the temperature in the room  in which it is mounted and its convenient editing depending on your preferences. Thanks to this, the heating system works more efficiently, less fuel is consumed, and thus, the cost of heating the building is reduced.

How a room temperature controller works

The principle of operation of the temperature controller is very simple. The room thermostat maintains the set temperature in the room by sending a signal to the heating/cooling device (opening the contact) with information about reaching the temperature of the set room. After receiving such a signal, the heating or cooling device turns off, and if the room temperature controller is connected to the boiler controller, then the boiler goes into a sustained state.

Installation of the temperature controller

The temperature controller is a wired device. To work efficiently, it must be connected to the heating device with a two-core cable. When connecting devices with a power of more than 1A, it is necessary to use a contactor. Only one room thermostat can be assigned to each zone. Installation of a temperature controller in each room allows you to fully control the temperature in the house and achieve savings during the heating season.


1. Controller dimension 125 x 83 x 14 mm

2 Glass front

3 Touch buttons

4 Mounting

5 x AAA 1.5V batteries


The most important functions of the room temperature controller:

  • room temperature management +/- with an accuracy of 0.1°C
  • hysteresis from 0.2 to 8°C
  • weekly heating program
  • manual program
  • day/night program
  • floor temperature measurement (when using a floor sensor)
  • momentary display backlight


This modern function enables intelligent control of heating or cooling. The temperature controller independently selects the optimal time of switching on the boiler to maintain proper thermal comfort.  Thanks to this, the room is heated to the optimum temperature at the time indicated by the user.


Heating/COOLING function:

The room thermostat can control both heating and cooling devices. Whether the device will work in heating or cooling mode is decided by the user by selecting the appropriate function in the menu.


By connecting an additional sensor to the floor sensor contact, more functions can be displayed in the temperature controller menu . The floor sensor is only active when the room thermostat is in heating mode.

How does a room thermostat with a floor sensor work

When the floor temperature drops below the minimum value, the contact will remain shorted (heating device on). In this setting, it will remain until the temperature of the set room is reached. If the temperature on the floor sensor exceeds the maximum value, the contact will be opened and the heating device will be switched off, even if room temperature is not reached.

Temperature controller in every room – how to install

The room controller can be conveniently installed as a panel on the wall. To do this, it is enough to place the back of the temperature controller in a can, which is located on the wall, insert the device into it, and then slightly screw it . One of the functions of the temperature controller is the momentary backlight, so the operating parameters of the device can be conveniently controlled and edited also after dark.


EAN (GTIN)5902479662893
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