IVR - 10 - 030S (0,37-2,2kW, 230V/12A) FLOW

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Inverter IVR-10-030S IBO 2,2kW/12A/230V


  • Input power supply: single-phase or three-phase
  • Supply voltage [V] - 230V
  • Allowed supply voltage range: 160V - 260V (230V)
  • Output voltage [V] - 1~AC 230V
  • Frequency [Hz] - 50/60
  • Controlled device: Pump
  • Maximum current load [A] -12
  • Adjustable pressure range [bar] - 0,5 - 9 bar
  • Maximum pump power [kW] - 2,2
  • Electrical installation: Absolutely effectively grounded
  • Dimensions [length/width/height] - 210 x 151 x 173mm

The inverter is a device operating in a comprehensive manner, making the entire installation maintenance-free. This is a recommended, and in some situations indicated element of the power supply installation of a mounted submersible, surface or submersible pump. The IBO model is a highly efficient unit that reduces energy consumption by selecting the optimal engine speed and helps to maintain constant water pressure in the system.

The IVR-10-030S IBO inverter is used for direct connection of single and three-phase pumps with a power not exceeding 2.2kW. The model has several operating modes by adapting to different electrical installations. The built-in soft start function in the device reduces the possibility of water hammer, i.e. a sudden increase in pressure caused by a sudden stop or start of liquid flow.

To choose the right inverter, you need to take into account the technical data of the motor that has been installed in your pump. It is necessary to take into account such parameters as:

  • supply voltage
  • Turnovers
  • Engine power

It is also important to match any additional accessories for proper installation, e.g. pressure gauge, inverter sensor.

All necessary information can be found in the Recommended products tab.


The main task of the IVR-10-030S IBO inverter is to maintain constant pressure in the system, regardless of water intake. Properly selected, it allows you to extend the life of the pump, which does not have to switch on often and at the same time constantly work at the highest speed. The inverter automatically selects the optimal speed of the pump motor, which is why it will work in virtually any installation, from households to industrial installations supplying water to various types of machines.



Pump typehydrophore set
Engine power2200
EAN (GTIN)5903887213851
Manufacturer's codeIVR-030S
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